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Get Involved with a Knowledge Community!
The Hire Big10+ has developed Knowledge Communities (KC) to build relationships across our institutions and allow for specific forums to keep up-to-date on career services topics that are relevant to our industry. To get involved, please see information below.

Access specific documents from the Knowledge Communities on the HireBig10+'s Google Drive. To learn of upcoming events, please contact the KC Lead. Events are also advertised on the Event Calendar on the website.

Knowledge Communities
Assessment, Technology, & Marketing
Lead: Katilyn Zullo, kaz41@echo.rutgers.edu
Join:  To become a member, please fill out the following Google Form: http://go.rutgers.edu/ATMKC 

Leadership Coaching & Development
Leads: Tracy Lungrin, tracy.lungrin@unl.edu & Chelsea Moore, chgreene@umich.edu
Join: Please contact Chelsea Moore

Students with Disabilities
Leads: Nancy Forsythe, nforsyt2@umd.edu & Joelle Fundaro, jfundaro@umich.edu
Join: Fill out a survey and join the “Accessibility/Disability Knowledge Community -- Hire Big10+ Consortium” on LinkedIn

Liberal Arts
Leads: Meagan Savage, meagansavage@unl.edu & Katy Hinz, katyh@umn.edu
Join: Please join at groups.google.com/d/forum/big10libarts

Employer Relations
Leads: Randy Dineen, dineen.2@osu.edu & Samantha Potempa, shpotemp@illinois.edu
Join: Fill out a survey, and join the "Hire Big 10 Plus - Employer Relations Knowledge Community" LinkedIn group

International Students:
Leads: Jane Sitter, sitt0036@umn.edu, & Allison Fox, foxallis@msu.edu
Join: If you are interested in joining this group, please take a moment to complete the form via this link: https://forms.gle/PPnjGZJUbBB51Nik7

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